Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trip again !!

On 18/9/2010, Saturday me and my friend plan to go to Malacca to have a tour . One of my friend never been to Melaka and decide to bring my friend go there. So we plan to start our journey early in the morning ,around 8 something . My friend reach my house around 7.30 am and my friend park the car at my house . So we start our journey and it was my first time to drive so far from my house to Melaka and this is was a great experienced go there with my small little Black Myvi .

We have our breakfast by having dim sum . So i bring my friend to eat dim sum near the Hotel Seri Petaling . Tot there will be a lot people to eat at there due to their main food called Kai Woh Pau but there is not a lot people when we reach there maybe it still early.

After our half full breakfast , we start our journey driving to Melaka . Luckily one of my friend have the GPS Garmin nuivi 205 to guide our journey went smoothly. Then around 10 something we reach Melaka Toll , i was tot this going take us long like reach there around 12 something. What so surprises us is that the toll and on the way to Melaka town is not jam out and we think maybe is still early .

We reach Melaka we begin to used to GPS to guide us to Melaka town . We tot we wan to drop our bags at the Hotel Hallmark but the person in charge told us we cant check in so early cause there is some guest haven't check out . So we plan to go Jonker Street to have a explore what food we can eat over there. So we plan to eat Chicken Rice Ball ,actually near the bridge got one original Chicken rice ball but it is so many people queue up . So plan to eat other restaurant also specialize on Chicken Rice ball but it will not tasty like the one mention near the bridge.

Then, we plan after eat the chicken rice ball we walk around the town see what the shop selling ,seeing some old building that have been keep for so many years. It was hot on that day and it you can feel the something is burning your skin. So i dun feel so great cause the sun is to hot, so we pan to get back to hotel to have a rest. Luckily there let us to check in and finally felt relief and so tired . So we plan to have a rest to replenish our energy back .

Around 3 something we plan to go Jonker street to have our next meal . So I bring my friend to the famous cendol and curry mee at jonker 88 . It was fully crowded by people and we need to wait for people to leave then only we get the seat. Luckily we do not wait for so long for the seat , so after we get our seat i plan to go buy the cendol and buy the curry mee .

It was so hot outside the restaurant and i need to queue up again for the cendol and it was freaking hot out there and some people did not know how to queue up and cut my place ,but i did not scold him cause the line is not str8 . So after eat , it was getting hotter we plan to get back to hotel to rest a while to wait for the night walk at Jonker street .

Around 7 something , we plan to go Night walk at jonker Street . Actually i feel so hot on my body so i plan to buy more leong sui to drink to cool down my system . While we on the Jonker street we saw some religious parade quite interesting lo can see how they pay respect to their god.

After that, we plan to go have a walk walk on the street see what nice food to eat. At night there is a shop to buy big tau sah piah and is freshly baked. I have bought 10 of it. Then we walk , we saw one of the stall full of people then we are curious why so many people crowded over there. One guy selling a wallet called Magic Wallet and it was slim type. I have buy a LV PATTERN OF IT.HAHA AND I USING NOW.

After that , we went to Menara Taming Sari , as they said u can see the whole Melaka with all lights on. So we went there to explore see what so special on it . So we go there and we paid rm15 for the ride. The cost of the ride for night is rm15 plus muffin and one pack of juice.

Then after the ride i felt not so well , my head is so pain and my leg were so pain. Then i need to go back to Hotel to rest due to my head was so pain . Actually we plan to go eat satay celup and pork satay but i sick in sudden due to hot and cold. Then after i reach hotel and rest i felt my whole body is like freezing .My friend said i having fever and my body was so pain and it was the first symptom of fever. So my friend , faster go buy two mineral water and penadol active fast that can cure fever and headache. Actually i dun really like to eat penadol cause is bad for health in long term but in order not to make myself suffering i eat it . THANKZ MY FRIEND ......WITHOUT U GUYS MAYBE I STILL HAVING FEVER AND WILL TAKE MC FOR TODAY. I WILL RMB IT .......................^^

One the next morning , i was fully recovered after a good rest and thankz to the penadol active fast .So we plan to explore food again , we found one stall sell pork braised rice and we go try. Then after that we plan to buy some food back home . i have bought pineapple tart and heh bee hiam . It was so nice to eat and so tasty . Then we go to the stadhuys the red building to take some photo.

Then we plan to leave Melaka early cause we paln to visit sepang palm gold coast.We using the GPS to guide us to the place . We using the Port Dickson road to get to these place. Luckily is not me who drive , my friend told that the road is quite hard to drive cause the road is narrow and a lot car followed closed.

We reach at the Sepang Palm gold Coast around 5 something. When we reach there we finally saw some of the chalet with the shape of palm . As i wan to said that Malaysian is following Dubai Palm resort what they are building. As i heard rumors, there are some western celebrity buy chalet at there. We tot we can go inside to have a visit see how much their rate if want to stay inside the resort. One of the Indian security come and talk to us said that it was closed after 4pm.

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